Erahm Christopher – President

Erahm Christopher - President

Erahm Christopher is an honors graduate of Montreal’s, Concordia University Film School and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and Directing from Santa Clara University. He is currently a film director, writer, producer and co-founder of TEEN TRUTH: LIVE, Horizon Intertainment, GO FILM! and A Third Party. Erahm founded A Third Party shortly after the death of his older brother Christopher, to honor his spirit and passion for helping those in need.Since his brother’s passing, Erahm began dedicating his time to producing projects that offer a unique perspective, challenge people to think differently and ultimately empower individuals to be the difference in society. His films have garnered awards and screened on television and in festivals throughout the US and Canada. In just under three years, his award-winning TEEN TRUTH series, has reached over 2.8 million students and the complimentary speaking program, TEEN TRUTH LIVE, has personally touched over 500,000 lives.

Erahm, an avid skier, pianist and photographer, currently lives in Montreal, Canada with his daughter, Madélie and his incredibly supportive wife, Emilie. He hopes that one-day people all over the country will be partying with purpose at ATP events.