Foundation History

On August 18, 1998 Christopher Michael Machado was killed in a tragic tractor accident while working on the family ranch in Linden, California. The unexpected tragedy devastated his family and friends and left a cutting void in the hearts of all who knew him.

Christopher, an ardent musician, loyal son, brother and friend, possessed a zeal for life, music and those in need of a helping hand. Whether it was a friend or stranger, Christopher volunteered his time and his money to help overcome whatever challenge the individual faced.

To honor Christopher’s spirit and altruism his only brother, Erahm, founded A Third Party, named after Christopher’s last band. After recruiting key friends from his High School and College years, Erahm and his “brothers” setup a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on providing assistance to chosen “parties” that follow a criteria connected to Christopher’s passions and ideals. A party includes an organization focused on education, the arts, and a family or individual that is struggling to overcome a tragedy or a serious illness.

Whether he was producing or attending, Christopher loved a lasting party. Therefore, A Third Party is devoted to throwing parties where friends, family and strangers can celebrate Christopher’s spirit and provide much needed assistance to a party in need.