OUR MEMBERS. We are a party of distinct members recognized for our professional diversity, love for family, loyalty to friends, and passion to aid humanity. Our ability to provide assistance for parties in need depends on the commitment and accountability of each board member.

OUR INTEGRITY. Each member of the party pledges to serve ATP with the utmost integrity and respect. Members are expected to be open and honest with other members about ATP directorial matters and maintain that no decisions conflict with the ideals of the party. All partners, consultants, and organizations that work with ATP will maintain the same level of integrity to ensure that our community, donors and “parties-in-need” regard ATP as a trusted organization.

OUR TEAMWORK. Our ability to work together effectively is crucial to the success of our mission. Each party member vows to set aside personal desires and differences to ensure that all party matters are handled in a friendly, cohesive and collaborative manner.

OUR COMMITMENT. Being a member of the ATP board is more than a commitment to a non-profit organization, it is a promise to honor the ideals of our beloved brother and friend, Christopher Michael Machado. Therefore it is the board members primary responsibility to ensure that the party continues to maintain strength, honor and prosper to facilitate events that will benefit those in need time after time.